Where can I buy Wild Blueberries?

We sell Canadian Wild Blueberries in 30lb (13.6kg) boxes. The dimensions of the box are 39 / 30 / 22 centimetres and they must be kept frozen at a temperature of -18°C or below. The brand of Wild Blueberries that we sell is ‘Wymans’ premium quality Wild Blueberries, product of Canada, the real thing, and in our opinion the best of the best.

Tesco prices correct as of day/month/year

The cost is £180 per box which is equivalent to £1.32 per 100g

To get started please fill in your postcode to display your closest collection points:

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We realise that buying such a large amount of blueberries may prove difficult for some people but it is a very specialised niche product and it is the only way we can supply them in a commercially viable way. This amount of blueberries is a 2 month supply for 1 adult taking between 200-250g per day which is the amount we recommend for the maximum result.

It is our goal to have at least one cold store collection point in every major city in the UK where our customers can collect their box of blueberries from, most of these collection points will be restaurants that have temperature controlled monitored freezers.

You simply type in your postcode and a list of collection points will appear in order of distance from your postcode. If it is near enough to you click on the collection point and you will be taken to the sales page, once you have paid for your blueberries you will be sent a receipt which you will need to produce when you go to collect your blueberries. We usually have the blueberries delivered to the collection point within 3 working days of the order being placed, but please allow up to 7 working days. As soon as they have been delivered to the collection point we will send you a notification and then you can go to collect them at your convenience.

There is nowhere close to me

If there is nowhere close to you and by close we mean within about 5-10 miles click on the nowhere close to me button and fill in your details, we will then get a collection point close to you within a couple of days, we will then notify you and create a collection point on the system so that you can place your order.

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