Wild Blueberries are frozen fresh within 24 hours of harvest, when their flavor and antioxidant goodness are at their peak. In fact, tiny, potent wild ones contain less water than regular blueberries, so they freeze better than ordinary, larger blueberries. They also maintain their shape, color, flavor and nutritional value in cooking and baking. What's more, their smaller size means twice the berries-and twice the antioxidants-in every bite.

Freezing is Nature's Pause Button

  • Flash freezing fruit locks in fresh taste, nutrition, and convenience.
  • Research shows frozen fruit is often nutritionally superior to its fresh counterpart.
  • Frozen food can help reduce the food waste epidemic in the UK.
  • Frozen food generates 47% less food waste than ambient and chilled food in the home.

* Transit time for fresh blueberries to a grocery store is an estimate. Time from harvest to grocery store may vary depending on the shipping origin.